Blowing Agents R152A
Blowing Agents R152A
Blowing Agents

R152a is an HFC based single components with zero ODP , low GWP and non-VOC. It is used in manufacturing extruded polystyrene(XPS) insulation board, food packaging and graphics art board.

R22, R142b
Refrigerants. It is compositions of mixed refrigerant, such as R406a
Foam blowing agents. It is used to produce XPS insulation board.
Propellant. The mixed gas together with Dimethyl Ether (DME) is used as propellant in Europe.



Physical properties:

Component Chemical name Molecular formula Weight%
HFC-152a 1,1-Difluoroethane    C2H4F2 100
Molecular weight    66.1
Boiling point    -24.7 ℃
Critical temperature    113.5℃
Critical pressure    4580kPa
Odor    Faint ethereal odor
Form    Liquefied gas
Color    Clear, colorless
Vapor Pressure at 20 ℃    510kPa
Vapor Density at 25 ℃ (Air = 1)    2.3
Liquid Density at 25 ℃    1.0 g/cm3
Ozone Depletion Potential(ODP)    0
Global Warming Potential(GWP) 100yr    120
ASHARE Safety Group Classification    A2
Flammability at 1 atm. and 18 ℃    Extremely flammable


Refillable steel cylinders: 400L , 800L, 926L, 1000L
Iso tanks: 15-18MT/TANK

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